Improve hygiene without chemicals

Improve hygiene within your company. Safe, effective and sustainable: that is Watter. Discover our disinfection applications.


“Watter's disinfection solutions are a fantastic development for achieving good hygiene without exposure to harmful ingredients.

Especially now that disinfectants will be used more often, it is necessary to stimulate the use of reliable and mild products such as those from Watter. "

- Prof. Debbie Jaarsma,

Professor of Research and Innovation of Medical Education at University Medical Center Groningen


Effective disinfection without health risks.

Livestock farming

Improve the health and production
of your animals.

Process water

Guarantee the quality of your business processes.

The Watter system

One device, many hygiene solutions

The Watter system has been developed to produce a sustainable disinfectant on location only from electricity, salt and water. This environmentally friendly disinfectant makes pathogenic bacteria, biofilm, fungi, yeasts and viruses harmless.


It is biodegradable and leaves no residues. It is safe for humans, animals and the environment. Above all, it saves costs.


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