Sustainable disinfection in healthcare

Always effective and safe disinfection at your fingertips

Dependence on suppliers, sharply increasing costs and harmfulness of chemicals are major obstacles to good hygiene in healthcare.


Watter has been the expert in sustainable disinfection for more than ten years. We are the only one in the Netherlands to offer a structural solution that makes you self-sufficient. Say goodbye to third parties and let us inform you about the benefits for you.

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Disinfection at your fingertips

With the Watter system, you are always assured of the availability of disinfectant on location. It can be widely used for surface disinfection without the drawbacks of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite based agents.


At the same time, you save on the use of plastic packaging and the associated waste flows. As a result, Watter makes a direct contribution to sustainable business operations (<CO 2 ).

The future of disinfectants

Watter = safe and effective disinfection

The operation of the Watter system has been extensively tested by TNO and other renowned scientific institutes. All our solutions have been independently tested for efficacy in accordance with standard (EN) tests and are suitable, among other things, for the disinfection of:


  • Bacteria (EN 1276)

  • Yeasts and fungi (EN 1650)

  • Viruses (EN 14476)

  • Surfaces (EN 13697)

  • Spaces (EN 14349)

  • Medical instruments (EN 14561)

  • Water systems (EN 13623)


Watter is officially registered as an active substance and product supplier on the European Article 95 list for disinfectants (PT1-5). Inclusion in the article 95 list is a condition for compliance with European Biocide Legislation.

Always nearby

With hundreds of installations throughout the Netherlands, there is always a satisfied Watter user near you. Read more experiences via the button below or contact us for a specific question for references.

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