"With clean water, milk production has increased
by 700 kg per cow."


“I want to make sure that the quality of water is good. After all, it is 67% of the ration" says Ynze Tiesema from Langezwaag. I am convinced that clean water is good for the health and fertility of the cows. "

Clean drinking water for cows

Ensure the quality of drinking water for your dairy cattle

Your business improves with Watter. Due to a higher hygiene standard, animal health increases, resulting in higher milk production and a lower cell count. Discover below how Watter improves dairy farms.

The Watter system


The Watter system is a revolutionary technology that makes a durable disinfectant on site. This disinfectant is automatically added to your water pipes and keeps the drinking water of your pigs perfectly clean.

With the Watter system you no longer need expensive acids and toxic chemicals. It is effective, safe and allowed.

"Watter provides more job satisfaction and a higher milk production"

"The cows look healthier and behave accordingly. We see a clear difference in the drinking troughs and the barn. We are now milking over 10,000 liters of milk and this is still rising."

More effective and profitable

Say goodbye to expensive acids and toxic chemicals. Independent research has shown Watter to be more effective than chemical alternatives, such as chlorine.


What's more: the average return on investment is less than one and a half years. In addition to improved animal  performance, the operational costs are next to nothing!

"Say goodbye to claw and udder problems thanks to Watter"

Dairy farmer Minne Bergsma from the Frisian Suwâld disinfects the drinking water for his animals with Watter. As a result, he produces 100,000 liters more milk per year.

Assurance by experts

Every Watter-user receives support from experiend microbiologists. After installatino of the Watter system, they guarantee the quality of the drinking water, which will always be independently tested. This assures you acquire perfect water quality.

Always nearby

With hundreds of installations and over 10 years of experience, there are no situations we cannot handle.

Read more about Watter and our satisfied customers or get in touch for your specific questions.

"Security about the drinking water of my cows"

Hessel-Jan Jensma from Miedum: "Surface water can be a risk for my animals. Because I work with Watter, I exclude this source of infection. I immediately saw the results in the drinking troughs and it gives me certainty about the quality of the water."


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