Clean drinking water for poultry

Ensure the quality of drinking water for your laying hens, broilers and breeders

Your business improves with Watter. Due to higher hygiene standards, animal health increases. There is less loss, reduction of Salmonella and higher growth as a result. 

"Watter delivers healthy broilers and saves time for the poultry farmer"

Broiler farmer Eddy Janssen from Odiliapeel in Brabant chose the Watter system: "I notice that the water output of the drinking lines is higher and I no longer add chlorine or acid."

The Watter system saves him a lot of money on water peroxide, acids and costs for the vet. "The system also provides healthy broilers and saves time for the poultry farmer."

The Watter system

The Watter system is a revolutionary technology that makes a durable disinfectant on site. This disinfectant is automatically added to your water pipes and keeps the drinking water of your pigs perfectly clean.

With the Watter system, you no longer need expensive acids and toxic chemicals! It is effective, safe and allowed.

"The result can be seen immediately"

At Mevar poultry and pig farms, the water has been completely free of biofilm and germs every day since 2015. Owner Marijke Folkers - in 't Hout: "We immediately saw the water pipes becoming cleaner after installation. This guarantees optimal drinking water for our animals."

More effective and profitable

Say goodbye to expensive acids and toxic chemicals. Independent research has shown that Watter is more effective than chemical alternatives, such as chlorine.


What's more: the investment pays off in less than one and a half years. In addition to improved animal performance, the operational costs are next to nothing!

Always nearby

With hundreds of installations and over 10 years of experience, there are no situations we cannot handle.

Read more about Watter and our satisfied customers or get in touch for your specific questions.

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