Process water

Effective against biofilm, biofouling and microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC)

With Watter you become self-sufficient in the field of disinfection. This means that you are assured of structurally germ-free water. You also save money by replacing toxic and expensive chemicals.

"Free of biofilm in our process water without
the use of chemicals"

'Over the years biofilm has developed in our piping. We regularly flushed it with chemicals, but their effect was always only temporary.'


Quality Manager Bert Blaauw from Frisian Egg in Drachten was looking for a structural, effective disinfection method for years. The Watter system was the solution for him.

The Watter system is a revolutionary technology that makes a sustainable disinfectant on the location.

With the Watter system, you no longer need expensive and toxic chemicals. It is effective, safe and allowed.


Watter = safe and effective disinfection

The sustainable solution for food production

In food production, it is vital to guarantee quality. With the Watter system, you can safely control the quality of your process water without creating harmful residues or taste deviations.


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