Clean drinking water for pigs

Ensure the quality of drinking water for your sows, piglets and fattening pigs

Improve your business with Watter. Due to higher hygiene standards, animal health increases. As a result, the animals have a higher growth rate and there is less waste. Discover below how Watter improves pig farms.

"I save € 13,000 annually on acids and chlorine dioxide and the water is cleaner than ever!"

On Gerard Scholman's closed pig farm, animals have been supplied with clean water by the Watter machine since 2018.


“In terms of savings on other resources alone, it pays itself back within a year and a half. In addition, it is simply running better, while we have not changed anything else in the management. ”

“100 grams more growth per day thanks to improved water quality”

Maatschap Kuijpers invested in a disinfection system for their drinking water system. This means no more need for acids and other additives to drinking water.


"I estimate that I have 100 grams more growth per day thanks to improved water quality." Kuijpers also noticed that the pipes are spotlessly clean on the inside and that there is no longer any biofilm. “We have tuned the feed in detail, but I didn't really know that an investment could pay off in terms of water. Every gram of growth you gain with it is priceless. ”

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The Watter system

The Watter system is a revolutionary technology that makes a durable disinfectant on site. This disinfectant is automatically added to your water pipes and keeps the drinking water of your pigs perfectly clean.

With the Watter system you no longer need expensive acids and toxic chemicals! It is effective, safe and allowed.

"Pigs always have clean water"

"The animals always have clean water. That is the most important thing for me. The water not only looks clear but tests and analysis also show that the quality is good."


Pig farmer Wim Wolters from Laren in Gelderland disinfects the drinking water for his animals with Watter. This means they always have clean water without him having to worry about it.

More effective and profitable

Say goodbye to expensive acids and toxic chemicals. Independent research has shown that Watter is more effective than chemical alternatives, such as chlorine.


What's more: the investment pays off in less than one and a half years. In addition to improved animal performance, the operational costs are next to nothing!

"Clean water leads to improved colostrum production and higher growth rates"

Karel van Deursen from Asten has experienced a positive effect on the milk production of his sows and the growth rate of his meat pigs since he started working with Watter: "It's simply going way better". The effect of clean water is visible in all his animals, he claims.

Assurance by experts

Every Watter-user receives support from experienced microbiologists. After installation of the Watter system, they guarantee the quality of the drinking water, which will always be independently tested. This assures that you acquire perfect water quality.

"Good drinking water without hassle"

"The drinking water is such an essential part of the healthy feed and animal welfare," states Herrald Klaassen, "The Watter system just does its job, without any effort from our side."

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"The water simply tastes better now"

Biological pig farmer Wilco Harmsen has personally experienced that the water tastes better. "The sows drink 12-13 litres more per day. In addition, the weaned piglets are now doing well without acid addition."

Been there, done that

With hundreds of installations and over 10 years of experience, there are no situations we cannot handle.

Read more about Watter and our satisfied customers or get in touch for your specific questions.


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